Climbing is a sport, a hobby, a lifestyle, and an incredibly fun and social way to get in shape! Climbing improves endurance, strength, and flexibility while also challenging your mind. Our 35-foot climbing walls and expansive bouldering area offer climbing routes for every skill level.

Our bouldering wall is a great place for beginners to try climbing. Bouldering is climbing without the use of ropes or a harness on a short wall, with large mats to catch your fall.

We offer top rope and lead climbing, where you wear a harness and climb with the help of a belayer to manage the ropes. We have five auto-belayers at ARC, which means you can clip in and climb independently if you don’t know how to belay, or are climbing on your own.

Whether you’re a beginner, an elite climber, or a fitness buff, you’ll fit right in at ARC!

New to Climbing?

First time? Drop in to climb, no reservation is required. Our staff will be happy to orient you to our facility and make sure you are set up for a fun and safe experience.

If you’re new to climbing, we also recommend taking our Learn to Belay and Intro to Climbing courses. These 2-hour classes will teach you all the basic skills needed to start rope climbing: how to secure your harness, tie knots, complete your safety checks, how to belay, as well as a myriad of exercises and pointers from our amazing coaches. After these classes, you’ll have all the skills to climb until you can’t climb anymore! Scroll down to see course details, dates and to register!

Getting Started at ARC

  • 1. Skill Level

    New to this whole thing? We have climbing routes designed for every skill level! Try our bouldering wall, or use one of our auto-belays!

  • 2. Equipment

    Wear comfortable athletic clothing and clean indoor shoes. You can rent the harness, climbing shoes, and chalk for $4.43 each, or $10.62 for the set.

  • 3. Digital Waiver

    All visitors to ARC are required to fill out a waiver. Click here to sign it digitally.

  • 4. Day Pass or Membership

    Get unlimited climbing and yoga with an all-access day pass for $22 ($18 student), or check out our punch cards and memberships.

  • 5. Come Visit!

    You are welcome to drop-in to climb whenever we’re open!


ARC Start

ARC Start gives you unlimited access to the climbing gym and yoga classes for 30 days. This sweet deal also includes a free Learn to Belay class and any rental gear you need.

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Climbing Courses

Want to take your climbing to the next level? Browse our selection of climbing courses and book online. Please note that all climbing courses at ARC are available for people ages 14 and up.

Learn to Belay

Learn more

Intro to Climbing

Learn more

Learn to Lead Climb

Learn more

Fear of Falling (For Lead Climbing)

Learn more

Climbing Technique – Intermediate

Learn more

Fixing Fingers: Managing and Preventing Climbing Finger Injuries

Learn more

Outdoor Climbing

Sudbury has great outdoor climbing spots, and we’re proud to offer courses of different levels to help get you outside.

Pop-Up Outdoor Top-Roping sessions for 2024 are officially on the calendar!

Pop-Up Outdoor Climbing

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Anchor Building Course

Learn more

Crash Pad Rentals

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Group Bookings

ARC offers a unique, challenging and most of all fun environment to host birthday parties, school groups, corporate events or any other group looking for an activity suitable for all fitness levels.

Our experienced staff will take care of everything to do with harness, ropes and equipment and allow our guests to enjoy climbing hassle-free.

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No Partner? No Problem!

New to climbing and in need of a partner? Know how to belay, but need a belaytionship?

Join us for a ‘No Partner?, No Problem!’ night! Cory or Greg will be at the gym every Tuesday from 6:30pm-8:30pm to offer belays and help you to meet other solo climbers! A great way to meet the ARC Community.

*If registering, please arrive in the first 15 minutes*

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