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ARCtic Whipperfest 2023

What: ARC’s infamous lead competition!
When: February 3rd, 7-10pm

Every year ARC hosts a winter Sport Climbing competition and invites local and non-locals to join us for a fun and exciting night!

Prerequisites: To enter the comp you must be able to lead climb! But if you can’t, you’re more than welcome to come watch! (or get in touch with Beau (beau@arcclimbing.ca) to figure out if you can do a lead test or course!)

Registration now open!

Competition Info


Do I need a partner? Not necessarily, we will have staff belayers on hand to catch you (if necessary)

Who will be there: EVERYONE!
Climbing Grades: 5.7 and up

Event Photos and Results

Thank you everyone for another amazing competition!


Thank you so much to Kat K. for all the amazing pictures. For more 2023 photos, view the google album: WHIPPERFEST 2023 PHOTOS

View your score and check out previous comp winners!