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Motivate. Accelerate. ARCtivate.

We’re inviting you to create fun new habits with family and friends to help transform the way you move through life.

The goal is to maintain at least 20 min of daily physical activity. Activities include running, walking, climbing, yoga, etc. If you complete all 40 days and check into ARC at least 15 days during the challenge, you will be entered to win prizes.

We are holding extra classes, workshops, seminars and activities to encourage everyone to get moving in community (most are FREE with the membership and some have a small fee). It’s easier to create healthy active habits together.

We are in the process of updating the calendar of events daily, please check back frequently. If you want to join in and host your own workshop email

Cost includes unlimited climbing & yoga for the duration of the challenge.

View additional ARCtivate classes, workshops and seminars here.